Funding and promotion of young researchers

The Faculty has made it a goal to provide financial support for research, and specially for that of young researchers.

Funds are allocated particularly for:

  • Start-up financing of research projects
  • Conducting workshops, etc.
  • Research trips and archival work
  • Translations
  • Printing costs
  • Conference particiation

Further options for financing are available upon request and with full application.

  • All applications generally require an informal letter to the Dean that contains a description of the project or the content.
  • This must be accompanied by a financing plan, statement of costs (divided into income and expenses), as well as cost estimates, if necessary.  
  • Grants for organising workshops, etc. and for conference participation require additionally an event programme and a list of speakers and titles.
  • Grants for research trips or archival stays require either a letter of invitation or a work plan in order to be approved.
  • Printing costs

You can find all information and the application forms here.